Kinesio Tex Tape is the well-known colour full tape you see on athletes, but is not only for athletes.
It is very effective due to its unique properties, physical interaction with the skin and the sensory receptors in the skin, relieving pain and reducing inflammation.
The tape assists the natural healing mechanism in our body, re-educates the neuro muscular system, enhances performances and prevents injuries. It promotes a faster return to your favourite activities.

The Kinesio Taping Method is invented more than 25 years by Dr. Kenzo Kase, to offer his patients a prescription that was effective between visits. Since then, this taping has become the ‘gold’ standard for therapeutic and rehabilitative taping. In our clinic we use it not just for sports injuries but to enhance everyday function.
It mimics human skin in both thickness and elasticity, which allows normal movement.
Depending on the direction of taping, the cut of the tape and the amount of stretch applied, it facilitates or restrains specific movements. It provides dynamic support, protects muscles/joints while allowing a functional range of motion.
Kinesio Tex Tape is skin friendly due to a high grade of cotton fibres which allows the skin to breathe. The adhesive coating is latex free and hypoallergenic. The adhesive is activated by heat (rubbing only, no hair dryer!) and will not leave a residue when removed.
It can be worn for up to five days and with a continuous therapeutic benefit. The high water resistance of Kinesio Tex Tape makes it practical for swimmers and activities in high moisture environments.


Kinesio Taping Method enhances the following functions of the human article1body:

The elastic recoil effect of the tape applied on stretched skin lifts the skin. It reduces pressure on pain receptors directly under the skin, providing instant relief for acute injuries.
The Kinesio Tex Tape also stimulates other sensory receptors in the skin during movement. These receptors signal the central nervous system (CNS) which responds by inhibiting the transmission of pain and activate the self-healing mechanism in our body, effective for chronic symptoms.

Lymphatic and vascular
The lifting action of the skin creates areas of decreased pressure, allowing fluid to move more freely. Kinesio® Tex Tape also creates a gentle massage with movement. It encourages fluid movement directly under the skin. Kinesio Tex taping of the muscles enhances the deeper lymphatic mechanisms.
Decreased swelling improves circulation, reduces inflammation, bruising, pain and trigger points and stimulates the healing of tissues.

Fascia is the connective fibrous tissue that surrounds all the structures in our body (muscles, nerves, blood vessels, organs etc.). It keeps organs in their position, permits muscles/tendons to slide smoothly over each other. When fascia is too tight it affects the function of these structures. Kinesio® Tex Taping can minimize fascial tightness occurring during soft tissue injury or help to remodel the fascia during chronic injury.

Depending on the direction of the taping and the amount of stretch applied you facilitate or inhibit a muscle action by stimulating certain sensory receptors. The tape re-educates the neuro-muscular system.
For overactive muscles the tape reduces overstretching and increased contraction of the muscles, reducing cramps and injuries.
The Kinesio Tex Tape stimulates the weak muscles to contract and regaining strength, reducing muscle fatigue and increasing active movement.

Kinesio taping of the muscles moving a joint enhances joint alignment by restoring the muscle balance of these muscles. Improved joint alignment will reduce pain and increase functional performance.
A corrective taping technique can be used to provide support to a specific ligament of the joint

KINESIO TAPING is effective in treating:

  • Bruising/Inflammation
  • Fascial adhesions and scars
  • Muscular strains and imbalance
  • Ligament/ tendon/joint injuries
  • Joint mal-alignment/ pathological movement patterns
  • Overuse injuries
  • Lymphedema and chronic swelling
  • Pain management
  • Neurological conditions

Physiotherapists at ONERAHI PHYSIOTHERAPY are all trained in the Fundamental Concepts, Advanced Concepts and Corrective Techniques of the Kinesio Taping Method by a Certified Kinesio Taping Instructor of the International Kinesio Taping Association.
Due to the positive feed back of our clients kinesio taping is our preferred taping technique.