We accept private and ACC referrals however you do not have to see a doctor first.

If appropriate we can register an ACC claim for you.

ACC accepts claims if an injury is:

1. caused by an accident, a specific event involving the application of a force or resistance external to the body

2. or a personal injury caused by a series of events. It must involve the application of a force (including gravity) or resistance external to the human body or sudden movement to avoid such a force or a twisting movement of the body.

If symptoms have developed gradually at work, your GP has to lodge an ACC claim for you.


We work closely with GPs, specialists and other health professionals.

Onward referrals are made when we conclude from our assessment there is a need for further investigation or other treatment. We can refer you for an X-ray, Ultrasound Scan or an opinion from an orthopaedic specialist, musculo-skeletal specialist or other health professionals.

Your GP will be informed and get a copy of the results.


ACC: $28.00 per session

Private: $65.00 per session, $5.00 discount for Super Gold card holders

Late Cancellation & No Show Fee: $25.00

As we have other clients that are wishing to see us also, we would please ask that you cancel your appointment before 1 PM on the working day before your appointment. If you fail to attend or cancel late then we reserve the right to charge a Late Cancellation/ No Show fee, so please let us know in time if you cannot make your appointment.

Sessions are 30 min unless otherwise arranged by your physiotherapist.

Payment is due at the end of each session unless prior arrangement.

There are part charges for materials like strapping, bandages or exercise equipment.